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Emmanuel Christian Church Pastors

Daniel Boyd

Pastor Daniel E. Boyd was born November 20, 1974 in Sumter, South Carolina to the parents of Jackie and Joyce Boyd.  He is a 1993 graduate of Sumter High School and a Veteran of the United States Army. Recognizing that God had a call on his life, he accepted his call into the ministry June 15, 1997.  He later served as the Youth Pastor of Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Hinesville, GA.  His tremendous love for the youth enabled him to assist numerous young people and provide valuable direction and guidance throughout Hinesville and surrounding communities.  In December 2009, under the direction of the Lord, Pastor Boyd began Emmanuel Christian Church (ECC) in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

The ministry has been a blessing in the local community by providing a place of worship relative to the needs of the community. The ministry is kingdom focused and believes in exhibiting a great love for God’s people by teaching them the word by the power of the Holy Spirit. Under Pastor Boyd’s guidance the ministry has increased greatly each year and continues to build God’s Kingdom throughout the Richmond Hill area.  This rapid growth can only be contributed to a tremendous move of God and the vision of ECC of “Building the Kingdom of God One Person at a Time”. His love for the people of God and the lost has led him to work with area churches to pursue a spirit of unity and excellence within the Richmond Hill community.  Pastor Boyd also serves as the NAACP President of Bryan County he ++works closely with local area schools, and the Ministerial Alliance, to provide community support and serves as a volunteer liaison when needed.  He believes in making sure that a “Christian” voice and presence is always represented. Meeting individual and community needs remains a primary focus of Pastor Boyd.

Pastor Boyd is married to the former Elisha Jacobs of Gadsden, Alabama.  They have two children, Danika and Nathaniel.  Together their strong belief in supporting the family and meeting individual and ministerial needs will help “build the kingdom of God”. They continue to stand on the belief that “God is with Us” and the desire that it will continue to echo strong in the hearts of many.

Elisha Boyd

Co-Pastor Elisha Boyd serves as Women of Worship Leader for the Women Ministry where God has gifted her to preach, teach, train and encourage women to pursue their destiny. She also plays an intricate role in the intercessory prayer ministry. God has given her a deep passion and desire for aiding teen girls through “NIARA”, Young Women of High Purpose, a mentoring program the Lord gave her vision for several years ago. She is involved in community support groups such as the Family Promise, NAACP of Bryan County.  She also is the founder of Kingdom Women a non-profit organization birth to unite local pastor wives and women for the common goal of advancing God’s Kingdom.

  Co Pastor Boyd is married to Senior Pastor Daniel Boyd and together they serve as the Shepherds of Emmanuel Christian Church, located in Richmond Hill.  They have two children Danika and Nathaniel Boyd.  Elder Boyd holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Resource Management with concentration in Business Management from Columbia University. She recently earned a Masters of Arts Degree in Human Services, with a concentration in Military Resiliency Counseling from Liberty University. She is currently employed by the Department Veterans where she continues to make a difference in the lives of the community, veterans, and countless others.